Saturday, March 23, 2019

Date Nights {March 2019}

A couple of weeks ago, Matt and Maddox had a date and Mason and I went on a double date with some friends! 

Maddox's first request was play doh time with Daddy. 

Meanwhile, we were at the pet store touching and seeing alllll of the things! 

After over an hour at the pet store which certainly could have been longer, we headed to the book store! 

Meanwhile, Matt and Maddox were at Waffle House. 

We read books, played with the train table, played on the stage and Mason even treated his buddy to a new book! 

We headed to dinner at Kanpai for the whole hibachi experience! Mason was a bit hyped up at this point but it was still a good time! 

Rock, Paper, Scissors...

Not sure about that fire! 

Matt and Maddox headed to the mall to play and explore. 

They did NOT see that movie. 

Even after the Japanese food, they wanted yogurt...

Showing off their new books. 

Love our people an so glad we had a fun night with them! 

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