Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Meet the Family Part 1

Matt and I were talking last night and realized that we had not introduced our family on the blog. We thought it would be a fun few posts. Here is the first installment. Meet the Morgans/Canters/Browns etc :)

It all started with the Grandparents :)

 Meet George and Virginia Brown. These are Matt's Maternal grandparents. They currently live in Inman, South Carolina. Aren't they precious? Grandmom is the beginning of all things crafty in the family (at least to my knowledge :) )

Meet Mom-Mom (aka Jane Morgan). This is Matt's paternal grandmother. She lives in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, Matt and I don't get to see her much. The first time I met her was at our wedding and she's so sweet. We are making future plans for a Northeast visit.

Then comes the parents, Rob and Claire Morgan. Matt's parents lives in Montgomery, AL. Matt's dad is retired from the Airforce and his mom is a crocheting guru (for real). Didn't they look sharp at the wedding?!

 Enter, Mr. Ben Morgan aka Phil. Ben is the youngest of the Morgan brood. He is 22 years old and is a student at Auburn University-Montgomery. He's a funny guy, for sure.

The Canter's. Holly is the oldest child and only girl of the Morgan kids. She is 1 week older than I am. She and her husband, Mitch Canter, live in Franklin, TN. Mitch is a computer guru/nerd/genius and Holly is a sewing/all other things creative guru. They are the parents of Luke and Kieran. 

Luke is the older of the two boys. The first grandchild in the family. Luke just turned 3 in August. He is a barrel of laughs and fun!

And last but not least is Kieran. Kieran was little bitty in these pictures at the wedding but earlier this month, he turned 1! Doesn't he look like his brother?!?

Obviously, there are many more to add. Aunts, Uncles, Cousins (x like 300000). Maybe one day we will share them too!

Til then-
Did You Hear About the Morgans?

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