Friday, October 21, 2011

Saving Money/Couponing

Today on Kelly's Korner: SUYL everyone is sharing couponing/saving money tips. Several months back, I was heavily couponing and saving lots of money. Since then I have slowed down a bit because I am not shopping as much. However, you can save money even when you don't coupon. One of the things that Matt and I do is try to buy only items that are on sale. This works well for us and I just plan our menu around what was on sale.

Also, we utilize coupons when going out to eat when possible, which isn't often because we don't eat out very much at all. We also eliminated soft drinks at restaurants and only get water. This really helps us too!
We also share a meal when we can. Let's be honest, most of the time, there is plenty of food for 2 people.

The biggest way to save money whether at the grocery store, restaurant, or a retail store is to look for the least expensive yet best product for you and get it. :)

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