Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our First Fire

The new apartment we moved into in South Carolina is a bit older than our last apartment. This is fine but is just taking a little adjusting. One huge perk is that it has a FIREPLACE! My last apartment before we got married had a gas fireplace but the living room was situated so that it was impossible to have a fire and still have furniture in the living room. Bummer, right!?

Matt was super excited about having a fireplace, as was I. This past Monday, Matt went to W@l-Mart and came back and said "I have a surprise". These surprises always excite me. It can be anything from a new magazine, some chocolate, bubble bath, etc. Well, this time is was an ARTIFICIAL LOG! My manly man was ready to build a fire!

Shortly after his venture out on Monday, he got sick with a stomach bug and was down for the count for nearly 48 hours (sad face). Tonight, he was feeling a tiny bit better so we decided it was the perfect time to build a fire. Here are some pictures! We hope to build bigger and better fires throughout the winter but we have to find a good/cheap place to buy firewood when needed.

Til Then-
Did You Hear About the Morgans?

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