Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pray for Lela

Matt and I are writing to ask you for some huge prayers for our friends, The Moody Family. Jeff and Mandy are dear friends of ours and their children Ollie, Savell and Lela have been like our "extra" nieces and nephews. Lela (pronounced Lee-luh) is the newest addition and is nearly 7 weeks old. 

Last week, Mandy noticed something strange with Lela's eye. Jeff saw it later in the day and agreed it was unusual. On Friday, they took her to a pediatrician who determined she had a detached retina which likely resulted from one of two things. It could have been retinoblastoma or Coate's Disease. The doctor they saw Friday all but ruled out the cancer but had them schedule another appointment for Monday with a retina specialist. That doctor saw her and wanted her to have more tests run under anesthesia. Those tests were completed Tuesday and the doctor has preliminarily diagnosed her with retinoblastoma. They will go to Memphis to St. Jude's for further tests etc. on Monday, April 16th and will be there for at least 7 days. They hope to leave there with a definitive treatment plan for Lela. 

Please be praying for this precious baby girl and her family. Praise God that this was discovered early as she is only 7 weeks old. Praise Him that it is only in one eye and not in her brain as well. Praise God that Jeff and Mandy are living in Knoxville where they have been able to get some answers quickly. Praise Him that He is the healer. 

Pray that the Lord would provide more answers quickly. Pray for peace and a calm nature for the entire family. Pray for Mandy's parents as they care for their older two children (Ollie 4.5 and Savell 1.5). Pray that the Lord would heal Lela completely. 

One night this week as I was driving home, it looked like it was about to rain and I began singing Michael W. Smith's song with these lyrics "Healing rain is falling down. Healing rain is falling down. Let it fall. Let it fall."  And that's my prayer "Lord let your healing rain fall on Lela today" 

I've attached a newborn picture of her so you can associate a precious face with her name. 

Thanks for reading and praying. I'll update as I'm able

Matt and Leslie Morgan

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