Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Update on Lela

Hey Guys,

We received an e-mail update tonight from Jeff and Mandy regarding Lela. Here are the details below. Keep praying for them as the Lord is SO in control. Love you all!

Hello Everyone, 

We have finished all of the tests today and have a confirmed diagnosis of retinoblastoma. The cancer has grown in such a way that the retina is more than likely permanently damaged. The right eye, however, shows no sign of cancer. Lela also had an MRI today and cancer has not spread into the brain. Treatment for the eye with cancer could include chemotherapy. However, there will likely be long term vision issues as well as appearance issues (drifting eye, etc). 

With these things in mind, the doctors have advised us to allow them to remove Lela's eye and, lord willing, all of the cancer with it. We have prayerfully considered the options and feel that this process is the wisest move considering the circumstances. The long term effects of chemotherapy on an 8 week old are considerable, especially considering the likelihood the eye could be still be removed after treatment and will likely never be completely well. 

Lela will have the eye removed on Friday morning and a prosthetic will be placed in her eye permanently. After a couple of months, we will meet with a specialist that prepares another part of the prosthetic (the cover) that is painted to look like her other eye. The method of the procedure will allow for some motion in the eye, so the prosthetic eye will not be significantly noticeable. 

She will have exams under anesthesia once a month for the next few months, followed by routine exams every couple of months. These exams are to make sure that her right eye does not develop the same cancer, which is always a possibility, though remote. As far as childhood cancers go, she was diagnosed with a very treatable one, and we are happy to know that the other eye looks good and that the cancer has not spread to her brain. The ophthalmologist will also perform more tests on the eye once it is removed to rule out any more cancer spreads. We should know these results by the end of the week. Retinoblastoma can be caused by a genetic mutation, so they will be checking for that as well. Please pray that she does not have the mutation as it can cause retinoblastoma in the other eye as well as other types of cancer.  

The scans every month will be difficult for us as we will be getting at least Lela and I back to Memphis, and we will face the fear that every scan could give us bad news. However, at this time, we are acting on what we know and hopefully, by God's grace, Lela will never have to face chemotherapy or other cancer treatments. 

Thank you all for your love and support over the last two weeks. We have been overwhelmed with God's blessings through all of you. I apologize for the long email, but I hope I have given as much information for you to keep praying with us.Your calls, texts, and emails have blessed us in so many ways. 


Mandy Moody

Til Then-
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