Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall Favorites

Growing up, Mom and I always joked that one of the reasons we love winter besides the fact that we don't sweat then like we do in the summer is because we have "Winter Hair". This has been something we have said for as long as I can remember and IT IS SO TRUE! We both have red hair (Thank you, Granny :)) that is thick and full which also translates into "FRIZZ" in the hotter months. I grew up in Louisiana, so let's face it, ALL OF THE MONTHS ARE HOT!

Anyway, despite my love for winter, I rather enjoy the fall too. Here are some of my favorite things about Fall. Some of these things I'll get to experience FULL ON this year because we live in a state that actually has seasons ;-)

1. College Football-- I love college football and have since my junior year in high school. I am a loyal LSU fan and I, of course, support my Alma Maters, SLU and ULM. I really have to be bold in my love for LSU these days because I have lived and continue to live in a state other than Louisiana. Geaux Tigers! (and I don't mean Auburn Tigers or Clemson Tigers)

2. Leaves changing colors and then falling leaves

3. Christmas Shopping and planning---the Matthew Morgan Family LOVES the Holidays! 

4. Thanksgiving dinner! Matt and I cooked an entire Thanksgiving dinner together last year and it turned out so well! We were talking the other night and decided we may want to make all of the exact same foods this year!

5.  Hot Chocolate, Hot tea, and movies---I am not sure what it is about the cooler weather that immediately makes me want to grab a cup of hot chocolate or hot tea and watch movies. Matt can drink hot drinks all year long but not this girl. It must be cool outside OR we must turn on the air ;-)

6. Pumpkin Patches--We aren't really sure how it became a tradition but it did. Two years ago we went to a pumpkin patch with the Moody's and last year we just happened to be visiting them during the fall and we went to another one. We decided that it must continue this year. We may have to make it a quick trip this year but we are excited to keep the tradition alive! :) This picture was taken at our first pumpkin patch trip. We took another one just like it last year but I guess I don't have that one on my computer or any of the other pictures from that trip! :-/

7. Pumpkin Decorating and Carving

There are many other great things about this season of the year. As we discussed in church this Sunday. It's a time of re-birth in a sense. A renewing. A refreshing. God has been good to us and we are FILLED with joy! 

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