Sunday, September 9, 2012

The things we do for love...

I've been reflecting on my marriage lately and I've been reminded about all of the super special things I have done in the last 20 months to make my husband feel special, loved and respected.

Unfortunately, I've also realized that I haven't been doing many of these things recently. I'm compiling a list to remind myself of what my husband loves.

--Bake cookies for him...just because.

--Come home with his favorite drink every now and then just to surprise him. (This is big because we don't drink many soft drinks so any time I bring home Mtn. Dew from the grocery store is a big deal :))

--Make sure the house is clean and that he doesn't have a lot of chores to do when he gets home. (We mostly share in household chores but when my husband comes home and everything is done, it blesses him).

--write him love notes.

--take him to one of his favorite places to eat.

--watch one of his favorite movies with him.

--cook one of his favorite meals.

--give him some time just to himself with no plans etc.

--run a hot bath for him to relax in (he is mostly a shower guy but sometimes after a long day, a bath is nice).

--rub his back or feet. He is always rubbing my feet and I always forget to rub his after.

--tell him how much I appreciate him working so hard.

--praise his work.

--give him extra time to play one of the games he enjoys playing.

--turn the air conditioner down lower (We rarely run the air because we sleep with two fans in our room and it is more than comfortable. However, sometimes we just want the air on so I like to do that sometimes as a way to show love to my husband).

--give him extra time to sleep on the weekends even if we have things we need/want to do.

--cook breakfast in bed for him on a Saturday.

These are just a few of the things I like to do for my husband to let him know I care about him. Hope this gives you some ideas on ways to spoil your husband. :)

I'm going to go do one of these right now!

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