Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mom-Cation 2012 Update #2

When I originally posted about Mom-cation, I intended to include some of the fun things that happened and the memories we made BUT I forgot! So here are a few of them.

In the hotel in Gatlinburg the curtains were a pain in the butt. On the morning we left, I was trying to open them and when I pulled really hard, they jerked back, I fell and almost went through the window! I've never seen my mom and husband laugh so hard! :)

While flipping through channels on the TV, we came across Dora. As I looked at her, something seemed different and suddenly it hit me...."Dora grew up"!!! I had not watched that show for years, since I stopped babysitting and I was shocked!

Those who know my momma, know that she loves Coca-Cola. Before her trip, she had told me not to buy her any because she was trying not to drink them. I listened. Well, in Gatlinburg, she wanted one so we passed a machine with them in it and they were $1.50. This frugal girl almost passed out. But mom...she was thrilled because usually hotels carry Pepsi products. :)

Mom bought us the Fiestaware Red Salt and Pepper shakers that I've been pining over since 1/1/11.

We had Gigi's cupcakes. Oh my groceries. So incredible but at $3.50 each, that won't be happening very often.

Mom bought me lots of cute shirts as a part of my birthday gift. She also got me a new purse and wallet. I'm going to keep her.

We rented old seasons of Walker, Texas Ranger from the library because Mom LOVES that show. It was hilarious because it's so old. Matt and I told Chuck Norris jokes to make it funnier! :)

There you have it. Just a few snippets of our trip. More for my benefit than anything else. Loved our time.

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