Tuesday, August 6, 2013

26 weeks! {A Pregnancy Update}

26 weeks!! Almost to 3rd Trimester! And just under 100 days until DUE DATE!!!

**I've been feeling the baby move around a lot more but on Sunday, July 28th, Matt felt the baby move for the first time. That was cool and special. He said "It just feels like your stomach is twitching" :)

**Ultrasound on 8/1/13 went great. The tech said everything looked wonderful and she got all of the views of the heart that she wanted to see. She was also able to see the gender so we sent that in the mail to Crystal to get our hospital monogram order going.

**Glucose Test....I thought the drink tasted fine and I didn't feel crummy at all. However, I flunked! I had to get under 140 and I got 147. I go back Monday for the 3 hour test! (**I passed the three hour test. PRAISE GOD!)

**We have also chosen our pediatrician, so that's fun!

**Last week, I purchased some sleepers for the baby from Carter's and our friends, The Moody's, brought several gender neutral items  to us when we met up with them.

**I am going to a consignment sale on the 22nd and I'm pretty excited about that too! Grandmom is tagging along so that makes it even more exciting!

**Appointments are now every 3 weeks so I go back on the 22nd.

**I got info in the mail about a Breastfeeding Expo at Babies R Us. I was so excited because the advertisement promised informational sessions, product reviews, free gifts etc. I showed up at our Babies R Us to find two tables with uninformed employees who were basically handing out coupons!!
Oh well, I have a breastfeeding class at the hospital on the 15th and I've done plenty of reading too.

**I received a catalog in the mail from Target that said if I opened a registry there, I got a free $20 gift card so needless to say, I did! I decided that I would just make two registries. One at Babies R Us and one at Target. One is a little smaller than the others but I don't think there are any repeat items on them. At least, I hope not. :)

**On 8/3, baby was a moving machine. Matt got to feel the movement for almost 5 minutes. It's so fun!

**Matt took some 25 1/2 week pictures of me but instead of editing them last night, I wanted him to hang out with me and he obliged. I'll put them up later in the week for memory sake. :)

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  1. I got that same Target coupon! I was already planning on registering at Target, so it was nice to get that freebie in the mail :)