Tuesday, August 20, 2013

28 Weeks {A Pregnancy Update}

WOW!!! 28 weeks! 12 weeks until Baby's Due Date!

**On August 11, I had to stop wearing my regular scrub pants. I could put them on in the mornings easily but after lunch, I didn't feel very good. This particular day was bad and I prayed and said "God, help me get home and I won't wear these again until after baby" haha!

**The baby is growing so much and I can tell by feeling around. Crazy to feel that in my body and SUCH a blessing.

**Childbirth classes have begun. The first one was on August 12th and the second on August 19th. There are supposed to be 4 classes but this month is only three. Since it was cut down anyway, we decided we would sign up again for September and attend the 3rd and 4th sessions that month.

**Breastfeeding class was this past Thursday. It went well and was a good overview of information that both of us knew for the most part.

**This past week, I also laughed so hard I cried. It's been a tough week with my step-dad being sick etc and I knew I would cry eventually. It started with me just laughing at Matt and turned into crying. Pregnancy emotions are something else!

**Baby Morgan also got hiccups for the first time this week. Well, the first time that I could feel. It was hilarious!

**I was offered a beer at the Braves game. I quickly moved my hands to my stomach to reveal my baby bump. :)

**On August 19th, Baby Morgan seems to have said to him/herself "Today, I will do somersaults and move all day long and tickle the inside of Mommy's tummy." I have felt the baby moving consistently for several weeks but this day was completely different. So funny and so awesome!

**Baby Morgan got to attend his/her first baseball game. See a post later in this week for details.

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  1. Cute!! I love when they get the hiccups! Such an amazing feeling!