Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Matter of Heart by Tracie Peterson {A Book Review}

Just wanted to drop in and give a quick book review for A Matter of Heart by Tracie Peterson. I normally try to write more detailed reviews of the books I read but this book was tough for me to get through. I am honestly not sure if it was because of the number of books I've read this year which may have caused a little burnout (don't feel like that's the case because I'm reading a few others without issues) or if it was just the book itself.

This book is historical fiction set in the late 1800's in Texas and I didn't dislike the characters or the writing necessarily but I just could not get into the storyline overall. It took me a really long time to read this book which is unusual for me. I have read a few other books by Tracie Peterson and enjoyed them but this book just wasn't for me at this time. I plan to give myself a few more months and try to re-read it.

I would say if you have read other books from Tracie Peterson and enjoyed them, give this a try and maybe you will connect a little better than me.

Thank you, Bethany House for this book in exchange for this honest review.

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