Monday, November 10, 2014

Mason: Month 12 {Update} {Last Monthly Update}

Mason is ONE!!!! 

Weight: 25 pounds, 8 ounces

Height: 31 1/2 inches

Nicknames: Mase, Mase Mase, Bud, Mason Man

Eating (Milk): On October 8th, we started giving Mason
whole milk and moved on from formula. Mason has had no reactions to regular milk and drinks it so well! We started giving it from a sippy cup rather than a bottle on October 10th and it has gone so well!

Eating (Solids): We went through a little bit of decreased appetite as well as throwing of foods this month but, overall, Mason's is doing well and honestly, he is eating EVERYTHING! He hasn't met a food he doesn't like and most of the time, he eats excellently.

Sleeping: Mason naps 9-10:00 and 1-3 and he is sleeping from about 6:40p-7:00a. He is such a great sleeper...yay to sleep training!

Diapers: Mason is wearing size 6 LUVS disposables at night. Overall, they are a little big for him but he only wears them at night usually and we just need them to hold well so moving up to that size works for us for now. As far as cloth diapers, we are still loving our Sunbaby diapers but have had some issues with a little bit of stinkiness this month. Our other diapers have been giving us some leaking issues but we are not going to worry about that. I order some more Sunbaby diapers to add to our stash.

Clothes: Mason is wearing almost all 24 month clothes with some 2T clothes scattered in there. He is a big boy but some of the bigger pant sizes are necessary because of cloth diapers. 

Social: We had our first bout of separation anxiety this month. It was tough but I know you adjust quickly and that makes it easier for all of us!

Lots of waving "hi" and "bye" to everyone he meets!

New/fun things from this month: 
We went to the mall one evening and a lady was letting her grandchildren ride on one of the toys. There were three spots, so she asked if Mason wanted to ride on one. He loved it!

Mason had his first cookies and milk this month. Matt and I were more excited than Mason.

Mason took 2 steps on October 28th!!

He has learned to point to mine and Matt's noses when we say "Where's My Nose?"

Mason finally got the hang of the sign "please". So sweet!

Mason can also point to his belly when we tell him to do so. We are working on other body parts, too.

Giving kisses
Saying "bye"
Ringing our doorbell

Having his diaper/clothes changed. We can usually bribe with toys but the toys must change every few days of you get bored.

Mommy: I have enjoyed this first year with Mason so much. It has been such a fun time of learning with challenges on the way. Bring on year two.

Daddy:  Matt was walking out of the back door one day this month just to go put something outside and Mason saw him going out and yelled "BYE!"

On October 20th, we saw our first BLOOD! Mason was holding my water bottle and bumped his mouth hard. He bled for a bit and cried for approximately 12 seconds. I think he may have popped his lip frenum.

Ma (Mom)
Da (Dad)
Um (Yum)

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  1. Happy birthday, Mason!!!! What a cute baby-turned-little-boy you are!! And pretty blessed with some great parents!!