Monday, November 3, 2014

Life Lately! {October 2014}

We have had such a fun October. These are just pictures that didn't really fit into their own post but are worth posting for memory's sake! 

We downloaded the ABC Mouse app and Mason LOVEs the ABC videos. He jams to them and dance along with them. SO FUN! 

Matt has taken Mason on quite a few Bojangles dates this month. It's their fave spot.

Mason's first ride on a mall toy. He was a little unsure.

Our favorite outfit on Mason to date. Such a handsome guy!

Sweet guys

Silly guy!

Out for a walk with Dad and Theo've got a little something something in your hair!

Family Date to Cracker Barrel!

A friend handed down this outside riding toy to us and Mason loves it!

Matt made hamburgers for dinner one night and this was Mason's first.

Silly boys goofing off!

We went through some keepsakes of Matt's and found this out hat. Mason wore it for a bit and looked so cute! 

Waiting for the puppet show at the library. 


We saw "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" and Mason LOVED it! He didn't move for 15 full minutes.

Jenn and Skylar were there, too. S loved it as well.

Mom and Mason date to Yo-Mo

We made a trip to HD to look for a garden flag but couldn't resist a little fun along the way.

Mason ringing the bell to let everyone know he received good customer service. ;-)

Mason with his first birthday card! 


Matt got his phone repaired and on date night, we recycled it at the Apple Store and were able to get a brand new iPhone 6 for $30.

Date night also included Five Guys!!

Mason learned how to brush his hair this month. 

Simple storytime at Barnes and Noble.

Fun taking pictures with Dad's new phone.

Train table fun!

Always an Adventure trying to get a pic with this guy!

Mason had breakfast with Henrietta Hippo

Matt took smash cake pics with Mason and they both survived! 

With cake, you must have milk!

Our family of three at the Fall Fest!

IT'S BIRTHDAY WEEK!!! We started off the week with a treat from Wal-Mart (cookies) and lunch with Dad at DQ. (Also, you cannot beat their $5 lunch.)

A little outside time!

Early Morning family selfie in an attempt to get a pic of Mason in his hat. I was using Matt's phone which is a little bigger than mine and the face is because I was having trouble squeezing the button. I know, I'm crazy!

Doesn't everyone start Tuesdays off by riding their toy in the driveway while in PJs?

Birthday week also brought a trip to Dollar General to price balloons for M's party. Um, duh they're a dollar. Anyway, Mason got his first balloon! He held on to that thing so tight!

We joined Jenn and Skylar for an afternoon at the park and finished up with dinner together. Yay for kids eating free! 

Pumpkin Path at Hatcher fun with my boy! 

Sweet Love

Blurry but love this smile! 

Hmm...what's in this box?? 

We had a great month of October and started November with a bang celebrating Mason's 1st Birthday!! 

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