Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Mason's First Birthday Party {Louisiana}

We had Mason's second party in Louisiana and it was just as fun! The original plan was to stick with the Rainbow party theme but it was freezing cold and I wanted to make soup to serve. I decided to make Taco Soup and mexican side dishes so I called this party "Mason's First Fiesta". It was such a fun theme and aside from the foods and bright colors, it was just an average party. :)

The Spread

My mom got Mason this sign and the circle and the rectangular portion at the bottom are chalkboard so we can reuse it each year and also, with other children eventually. We love it! 

My best friend, Jill, was there with her little boy who is just one week older than Mason. It was so good to see them. :)

love, love, love

Opening presents...Mason got some super fun gifts including cards, clothes, B toys cars, a bath toy, and lots of books! 

Love my little family...

My Mom and Jerry (GiGi and Rarry)

My sister, Brandy, and my nephew, Malachi

It's cake time!! 

My Aunt Celie

Britt Britt

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