Friday, December 16, 2016

Date night!

This past Sunday we got a babysitter (our first one aside from childswap) so that we could go to Matt's work Christmas party. Well, at the last minute, we called and audible and skipped the party and went out on a date just us! That was an awesome choice.
We headed to our favorite Chinese food buffet and ate until we were stuffed.

Next stop was Starbucks so Matt could use a giftcard for an Eggnog Latte. I was still stuffed so I passed on something to drink. :)

Our next stop was JCPenney because I had a $10 off $10 coupon and I can never pass those up. Maddox is growing so quickly so I picked up some pjs for him in the next size. Yay for cheap/free pjs. ;) We just roamed around the store for a while because we could. :)

We wanted something for dessert so we headed to Target to get some of their cafe's caramel popcorn but sad day, they didn't have any because the cafe was closed. BOO! We walked around a bit checking out clearance aisles and decided on Ben & Jerry's yumminess. We grabbed plastic spoons and ate it in the car while we chatted. 

Last stop was the gas station to get gas and then we ended up getting some drinks from inside. I got a Sprite Cranberry, a holiday favorite of mine, and Matt got an Arnold Palmer. It was a fun date! 

**We also talked about scheduling more dates in 2017. Our plan is to schedule one date outside of the house each month. We will get a babysitter and just decide on our dates when the day comes. Some may be fancy and some may be McDonald's and wandering around but no matter what, that time together will be good for us!** 

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