Friday, December 30, 2016

Advent 2016

This year, we tried to be more intentional about the season of Advent. I purchased a wooden tree advent calendar last year and this year we pulled it out. I put a piece of candy in each drawer for Mason to have each day and I tried to do activities each day with him. 

Day 1: We made some Christmas paintings. 

Day 2: We sent a card to someone we love. Mason picked Anna. :)

Day 3: We sang Christmas Carols at Breakfast.

Day 4: We baked gingerbread cookies.

Day 5-7: Nada...oops!

Day 8: Making muffins, Christmas Movie and Christmas Lights

Day 9: nothing

Day 10: purchased a few gifts for Mason's speech therapist and his speech buddy

Day 11, 12, 13: nothing

Day 14: We had more plans but Maddox' well visit turned into a sick visit so we came home and watched Christmas movies.

Day 15: delivered cookies to Grandmom and Granddad and visited with them for a while.

Day 16: We drove around town looking at Christmas lights as a family. 

Day 17: We bought a ginormous $5 bucket of popcorn and spent much of the day together. 

Day 18: We were at home all day. Maddox was still a little snotty so we were able to attend church online and we watched Christmas movies and played.

Day 19: Mason and I baked cookies to give to our neighbors, Mr. Dean and Mrs. Phoebe, and also to Matt's co-worker, Mr. Larry.

Day 20, 21 and 22: VERY laid back at home because Matt came down with a stomach bug and I wanted to make sure that I was home to take are of him as well as make sure we didn't over-exert ourselves in case we were getting it.

Day 23: We got hot chocolate and snacks and headed to Pacolet to look at Christmas lights and the boys met Santa Claus for the first time. 

Day 24: We celebrated Christmas Even all together included lunch at a local dive that we hope becomes tradition. 

Day 25: CHRISTMAS!!!

Next year, I hope we are able to incorporate even more into the Advent season than we did this year but it was a start. :) 

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  1. Great work!!! I love intentional seasons, and yours made my heart smile! :)