Saturday, December 17, 2016

Miscarried Joy {A Book Review}

I recently received a copy of Miscarried Joy by Tanika Fitzgerald. As many of you know, I went through a miscarriage of my own last year and I thought this book may offer some encouragement to me and also be a good resource to refer other to, as well. 

I immediately connected to Tanika's story because she miscarried right around the same time that I did. As a woman who has miscarried and felt alone, it was somewhat of a quick connection to the author. 

There were many aspects of this book that I enjoyed. Tanika is obviously a strong Christian woman as that is evident through her words. She and her husband have been dealt much hardship through their miscarriages and have been able to see God through that. 

I was impressed with just how much scripture Tanika was able to pull into her book to relate it back to the circumstances of barrenness. Miscarried Joy was packed with God's word and it all was completely relevant, in my opinion. 

One aspect of the book that was difficult for me was that Tanika miscarried for the first time in June or July of 2015 as well as one or two times after that, however, she wrote a book within a year of that first miscarriage. I'm not saying she isn't the right person to write a book about this because she has obviously dealt with it in her personal life. I just thought it interesting that she had written a book so quickly. Again, neither here nor there, just an observation. 

I truly thought this book to be a good resource for women who have miscarried or even those who have been trying to conceive and couldn't. 


Thanks for this book, Litfuse! 

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