Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Favorite Children's Books {9}

This was a great month for reading for the kids in our house! 

These "How Do Dinosaurs...?" books are super fun. Both boys love dinosaurs so these are a hit. 

If You give a....These books are just hilarious and we read several of them this month. Obviously, this donut one was our favorite. After one or two, Mason was able to finish the books. 

This book, It Takes A Village, is so wonderful. Clinton talks about the importance of a village in raising up the next generation. I loved it so much! 

This book had the best rhythm! The little girl is trying to get to a competition. It starts to rain and she makes the best of it. Endurance and perseverance as well as lots of soul! 

Mason especially loved Draw the Line. There were no words tot his book but you could easily tell what was happening in the story as two friends had a conflict which causes a chasm between them. As the book progresses, you see how that worked. 

Hilda is dancing and disturbing everyone. How will that work out!? 

This book was a touchy feely book and it had several feely parts on each page which we all loved! 

We saw this one at Target and immediately requested from the library. Kate has to learn how to deal with her neighbor's dog. There may or may not be monsters in this book. :) 

This book was so cute! Again, lots of rhythm and I was definitely nodding my head because this is how life works with kids! 

We LOVE Little Blue Truck books and this one is brand new and so cute! We were the first to check it out at our library and we didn't want to let it go! The lift flaps are so cute and we read it nightly for a week! 

Construction vehicles...enough said! 

Oh, I loved this one. This book was inspired by a young African American woman who wanted to become an astronaut. She worked hard and faced obstacles and chased her dream! 

Cute book based on the song by Chris Tomlin. A sweet book! 

Pirates...again, enough said! 

We read this book for nearly a full month just learning about all of the different animals within its pages. We will certainly be checking this one out again soon. The pages are vivid, well-written and tons of information. 

Even Superheroes Have Bad Days was such a good book about big feelings and how we need to handle them. 

Oh, Bruce. What a funny book. Bruce becomes a mother in an interesting way. This book is a laugh a minute! 

Again, another great touchy feely book for kiddos. 

This one made me 😭😭😭😭😭. This book is a children's version of the story, Wonder, and it was just incredible. Cannot wait to watch the movie! 

Hilarious book about animals and clothing. We read this one many times and laughed so much! This book is old but a new one just released. Again, hilarious! 

Oh boy. The main character tries so hard to stay clean for picture day and it becomes a disaster for everyone he comes into contact with. 

Cute peek-a-boo book that Maddox loved! 

This little guessing book is funny because none of the answers are what you'd expect! 

Great imagination books! 

We read this one several years ago in story time and I randomly checked it out again. It's cute and so  much rhythm. We all loved it! 

Cute books about two cat friends who couldn't be more different. We wanted to read more by them but it seems these are the only books! 

Ah, the old game of telephone. This one was cute. Mason laughed hard throughout it! 

A sweet story of adoption. Very very special book! 

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