Friday, March 30, 2018

Maddox Says & Does {7}

Maddox asked for more but he didn't finish his breakfast so I explained it to him that he could not have more yet. I don't think he fully understood but he said, "Yes ma'am!"

He picked up his stuffed animal buddy and was chewing on his ear. We asked him if he tasted good. He shook his head no and yelled "YUCK!"

Maddox said "show" and pointed at the TV and said, "paw patrol!" haha! Funniest thing is that he watches for 7 seconds.

Mason fell and hurt himself. Maddox ran to hug him! Mason then told me he didn't need me because Maddox had helped. 😊

While out eating dinner, Maddox reached over when no one was paying attention, grabbed a roll and went to TOWN! 

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