Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Whipping Boy

Matt and I decided a few weeks ago that we were going to read through all of the Newberry Award winning books since our birth years. We started with 1984. We have so enjoyed it so far. We skipped one because it was a thicker, fantasy-style book but we will come back to it later. 

So far we have read: Dear Mr. Henshaw, Sarah, Plain and Tall, The Whipping Boy and Joyful Noise: A poem of two voices. 

We are currently reading: Lincoln: A Photo biography, Number the Stars and Maniac Magee

They are such fun books to read and we just like laughing during most of them. 

I thought I would talk about The Whipping Boy and try to find a blog to link to for a book club post. Just for fun! (it's also one of my goals.)

Synopsis: (I had to use Wikipedia's explanation as a Guide because I'm just not great at summarizing!)

Prince Horace AKA Prince Brat is spoiled and always searching for attention. He is always being
mischievous but because is a royal, no one can punish him. In comes the whipping boy. Everytime Prince is in trouble, the whipping boy, Jemmy, is summoned to receive the Prince's punishment. Jemmy is an orphan whose father was a rat catcher. He lives in the castle and despite his circumstances, he has learned to read and write etc. The Prince decides to flee the castle and forces Jemmy to go with him. Along the way, they are captured by two no good fellas, Hold-your-nose-Billy and Cutwater. These fellas want a ransom since they realize who they are dealing with. Jemmy tries to convince them that he is the prince so that they can both escape but Prince Brat is offended and just doesn't get it. Finally, they escape and go through a series of events including meeting a girl with a dancing bear and a wagon driver. Back come the fellas and because they are confused about who is who, Horace gets beaten. 
Lots happens in between but the prince does overhear several people talking about how terrible it will be when he is king. The prince is hurt. Meanwhile, they learn that the king has posted ransom for Jemmy. The boys have another run-in with the fellas. They finally lure them into the scary sewer where rats attack them. 
The prince decides to go home. The prince explains everything to the King. Jemmy is forgiven and the story ends with both boys being able to live in the castle. Best Friends. 

LOVE the story. It's just a great story about how things can change in an instant. Great read for kids! 

Til then-
Did YOU Hear about the Morgans? 

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  1. I love Sarah, Plain and Tall, and Number the Stars - both great books :)