Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days: Letters to Matt, Day 2

Welcome to day 2 of 31 days of Letters to my husband. I am glad you are here to read! I'm linking up with The Nester . 

Let me just say that when you decide to write letters to your husband to bless him, the devil DOES NOT LIKE IT! He is all up in our business today. BUT I'm not scared. I will keep on. Devil, you can't touch our marriage because God is in control.

Dear Matt, 

Thank you for being so gentle with me. I am NOT usually gentle with you but you are always with me. Thank you for being tender when you need to be tender and tough when you need to be tough. Although, let's be honest...I hate the tough part. 

Thank you for being willing to fight with me to get through the hard things in life. Thank you for being awesome.

I love you, 

P.S. To all of you single ladies, consider using this time to write letters to your future husband. I did that before I even knew Matt and also when I knew him before we were married. It was a HUGE blessing for me and a huge blessing to him when I gave him the letters on our wedding day! 


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  1. yay for boldly proclaiming your love for your love!
    the world needs more of this.