Monday, August 26, 2013

Recent Random Photos

You know, now that we have cell phones with cameras, it is crazy how many random pictures there are! Here are a few from the last several weeks. 

I saw this onesie at Carter's. I didn't purchase it but thought it was funny. 

Matt made semi-homemade donuts for dinner one night. YUM!

Matt's face after getting to feel baby move for the 1st time. 

We got these cute jammies/robes from GiGi. 1st Thanksgiving and 1st Christmas

We picked a pediatrician. And then we got mail from them. They send fun mail! :)

From that dreaded Glucose test

My handsome guy gave me flowers recently. They were so pretty! 

A little Sneak Peek at the crib

Baby Legs for the Coming Baby

This was a few weeks ago but BOY was I feeling pregnant that day! 

Told Matt I was going to take this picture of he and baby when the time came. HAHA!

I won a Walgreens Gift Card and 6 month supply of Diaper ointment through a Dr. Smith's giveaway. WOO! 

French Bread...handmade by Mr. Morgan; He has been doing a lot of cooking lately and I'm so grateful. 

I WANT THIS FOR BABY MORGAN! Matt's Mom is going to try to make it for us. 

Lots of good chats with my Dad recently. He's pretty excited about his grandchild #4. 

Christmas gift for my step-dad. It's a cutting board. Cracker Barrel for the WIN! 

Two recent baby gifts. Baby stuff is SOOO sweet! 

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