Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Louisiana Trip {April 2014} Day 3

Friday was a fun day! PawPaw and MiMi had to work and when we realized that, GiGi decided she would take the day off and spend it with us! Again, Mason dressed for the day! 

GiGi took us to the Discovery Children's Museum in downtown Hammond. Ready to go! 

The following pictures are all from the museum. A lot of it was geared toward ages 3+ but I did most everything with/for Mason and it was fun! Also, the picture quality isn't great but you know what, I'm putting them up here anyway! :)

After the museum, GiGi took us the Raising Cane's for lunch. Mason wasn't interested! But I was! :) 

We made a quick stop by YumYum Bakery in Ponchatoula before heading back to Dad's house to just relax. 

Trying to sit up!! ah! Blurry pics because he is always moving these days. :)

Quick FaceTime with Dad to show him our new sitting up trick! 

Chillin' with GiGi. 

And Momma! 

GiGi brought our Easter Basket too. Oh my goodness! 

We visited with GiGi for a while longer and then we headed to the the Sody family so Mason could meet Liam and Garrett and see Jill again! 

My BFF's little boy and my little boy meeting. Sweet moment! 

Mason hasn't seen a TV that big before. 

Two moving boys...


Selfie with Earl...
We wore Liam out! 

So, Jill stole some kisses from Mason! 

Then it was Garrett's turn for play time. Liam was eating at this point. He didn't need to be bothered with us! 

It was such a sweet moment for our boys to meet. I enjoyed it so much. I loved catching up with my friends too. Jill and I talk at least once every two weeks but seeing each other is so much better. We hadn't seen each other since before the boys were born because last time we visited, Liam was sick. 

Love my friend! 

Quick video with PawPaw (before bed I think) 

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