Monday, May 12, 2014

Louisiana Trip {April 2014} Day 6

Monday was our last full day in Louisiana and we enjoyed every minute! We had some snuggles in bed before we got ready for the day! 

Then, Mason and PawPaw had their bonding time. 

PawPaw making Mason laugh. 

Mason was so sweet playing while I got dressed for the day. 

What a hunk!?! All dressed up for his lunch date with Britt Britt. 

A little rest beforehand though. :)

Mom was dressed up too! 

Again, I took so many pictures and little MMM had not desire to be looking at me in them! 

We then opted for a selfie since we thought maybe he would look. It kinda worked...

When we got back to PawPaw and MiMi's house we took naps. Look at that little booty! 

Then we had dinner with PawPaw, MiMi and DeeDee at Tommy's on Thomas. I had Bayou Breadsticks. So good! 

Boy was worn out! 

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