Thursday, May 8, 2014

Louisiana Trip {April 2014} Day 4

On Saturday, Mason and I spent a slow morning at PawPaw and MiMi's house before meeting GiGi in Hammond to shop a little bit. When Mason woke up, this is how I found his foot. Haha! 

It  was also the first day he tried carrots and since Matt wasn't there, you know I had to video it! 

It was quite a mess. This is also the same day we purchased a rubber bib as to not ruin the rest of our bibs. 

PawPaw got a little quality time in with Mason and realized just how much the boy likes to eat! 

In this picture, I had walked to the kitchen and Mason suddenly became aware that I had moved. He is craning his neck to see me!

Mason and I met Mom at Target first to get a few things and then we went to Santa Fe for lunch. Mom and I split a Santa Fe club sandwich with fries (so yummy) since Dad was cooking a big meal later on that afternoon. 
Mas was such a great shopping partner! 

Trying on some shades. Cool dude! 

After shopping for myself (Cato) a little and then for Mason (Children's Place), we stopped the new popcorn place in the mall and got some Caramel Corn for Rarry, Kettle Corn for Matt and some King Cake Popcorn for me. YUM!

We headed to Dad's where Aunt Celie and Aunt Gritzie pulled up right behind us. 

I tried to get a good picture of MiMi with Mason but Mason must have been over the pictures because it just didn't happen!  Mason was fascinated with MiMi this trip. He looked at her everywhere she went and wouldn't take his eyes of her. It was pretty special and so darn cute! 

Mason got to meet Aunt Gritzie this trip. Aunt Gritzie is my PawPaw's (Dad's Dad) sister. She is one of Mason's great great aunts. It was special. He loved her! 

My happy boy! 

GiGi and Mason. Side note: When you see all of the pictures that look practically the same, I just wanted to make sure that it comes across that I had to take so many pictures to get all involved parties looking at the same time and most of the time it didn't work. HAHA! Life with a 6 month old, I guess! I don't know how Matt does it! Mom and Mason were growling at each other in some of these pictures. It was hilarious. She would make a growling sound and then he would mock her!


PawPaw with his Grandsons. Special time! 

The best one, I think. 

Mason got a little dip in the pool. He wasn't a big fan. 

We enjoyed some awesome steaks and vegetables that Dad cooked. Susan got some yummy bean dip and then I topped the night off with strawberry shortcake. It was a fun evening. 

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