Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Matt's Sickness {April 2014}

Every now and then, Matt will get an infection around/in his mouth after taking medication for a sinus infection or allergies. It resembles thrush usually. This time, Matt got it around his lips and they were swollen and red. He also had something like a breakout around his lips and that's why he went to the Doctor. 

The doctor said it was likely thrush along with a possible staph infection. :-( We were so sad. This essentially meant that he couldn't touch Mason or really be near him and he really didn't want to touch me either. When Matt got the infection and started taking medication for it, we knew we had to make a decision about our trip to Louisiana. He went to the doctor on Tuesday and we were set to leave on Thursday. 

It was a hard decision because I didn't want to leave him alone when he had the infection but he really needed to be somewhat quarantined to get better and not have to worry about spreading it to us. That's when we made the choice that Mason and I would just go to Louisiana and he would stay home and get well. 

It was tough but we are both so glad we decided to do that because his infection got worse before it got better but he had 8 whole days to recover and not have to worry about us or spreading it. 

I'm so glad the infection is gone and if we see an infection like that again, it will be too soon! 

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