Friday, April 10, 2015

Family Date Night {April 7, 2015}

For Easter/for fun, my Mom sent us a little "fun money" and said "buy something fun." We decided to have a family date night! We went to Chuy's for dinner (Hello Baja Tacos!), Trader Joe's for a few of our favorite treats, and to Culver's for concretes. It was a little chaotic because Mason was SUPER hungry but we enjoyed it so much anyway! 

Mason had his own little "buffet". 

He loved walking around Trader Joe's and the cashier gave him some stickers and that was a HIT!
Then, we headed to Culver's. We got Mason a small dish of vanilla. I got vanilla with oreos and caramel and Matt had chocolate with oreos and strawberries. We all enjoyed it BUT I'm certain Mason liked it most! 

We love family time especially when we get to do something fun together! Thanks, GiGi for the treat! 

Mason says "You're #1!" 

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