Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Just a Few FUN Days

After I worked Monday-Thursday of last week, I was tired but looking forward to a few days just with my best boy! Mason started Friday off with a little early morning reading. 

We watched a little George and snuggled. 

We went to visit Matt at Home Depot and Mason steered for me. :)

Then, I took him to play at the mall play place. It was a little warm which was nice but I just wasn't in the mood to be outside for long. haha! 

Matt and Mason had a little snuggle time Saturday morning after we went out for breakfast to Papa's Breakfast Nook. Side note: We sold a table on Craigslist so we celebrated. :)

Mason and I headed to the library Saturday morning after Matt went to work. He always make sure to put safety first! 

At the library, he played inside and outside and it was so nice to just be out and about. 

My Mom just went on a trip to Cancun with my cousin and she sent us some treats. She sent Matt this fun shirt. 

And this is upside down but, hey, such is life today. :) She sent Mason the bunny, chick and book for Easter and the little turtle from her trip. 

This was Mason's Easter basket. He saw it Saturday morning so we just went ahead and gave it to him. 

He was pretty intrigued by his little treats. 

I'm modeling the jewelry Mom sent to me. It obviously doesn't match but I couldn't wait to wear it. :)

Saturday afternoon, Mason played with ALL of his toys! 

He gave a few snuggles to his new bunny, too. 

When Mason was napping, my Dad called and said he had a little Easter treat for Mason. I can't wait for it to arrive in the mail for Mason. He is going to love it! 

The weather was so beautiful so after nap and Matt coming home for lunch, Mason and I headed to Hatcher Garden. 

I love this boy and his smiles! 

Then, we watered our onion plants. 

And um, played with more toys! 

More snuggles with bunny. This made for a happy GiGi! 

After Mason went to bed, Matt and I had an at home date night included QT drinks, Little Caesar's Pizza and our favorite shows! 

Sunday morning brought Easter and we had a yummy breakfast of crepes. YUMMO!

Mason had a little Easter Egg hunt before Matt went to work. 

Matt wasn't off Sunday so he went to church Friday night. I, unfortunately, couldn't go because the service was during Mason's bedtime. I decided to attend church online Sunday morning before Matt worked. That way, Matt got time with Mason that morning and I was able to focus on church as well. It worked. We've got to make a mental note for Matt to take off on Easter Sunday next year. :)

Highlands made my Gaither Vocal Band loving self happy. :)

Easter Sunday ended with some sweet, sweet snuggles. 


Most of the time, the simple days are the best. 

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