Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Morgan's Movements {Late March 2015}

Let's look back at what all the Morgans got into in late March. 

We had a friend selling a couch so we moved around a little furniture to see if it would work for us. (It did, YAY!) Mason loved the temporary set up and enjoyed a few minutes of table sitting. 

Mason and Momma reading books. 

Mr. Independent is learning so quickly. He pushed the box over to the couch to climb on...

I stole snuggles while I could. This boy becoming a little stingy with them! 

We went to the library one rainy afternoon to meet our sweet friends. Skylar is so sweet holding Mason's hand. 

Matt left a little treat for Mason one afternoon. Mason walked in and saw it before me and grabbed them from the table. That boy loved that chocolate. 

Matt took Mason on a breakfast date to Bojangle's. They love their guy time. 

Love those boys. 

We took some fun pictures for GiGi! She makes fun of and laughs at our silly faces. :)

Of course, we FaceTimed with GiGi! 

One Sunday, we were on the struggle bus BUT we all got dressed and made it to church. 

Mason blew some kisses. 

And played some guitar. 

We enjoyed some fun time at the library. 

And a little FaceTime with Daddy since he was at work for bedtime. 

Coolest kid I know! 

Playtime at the mall. 

Free ice cream at Dairy Queen. Mason was a HUGE fan! 

Matt grilled one afternoon and Mason was very interested in seeing what we going on. 

Matt picked up a little treat for me one day. Love my main man. 

Mason has become more interested in puzzles. 

Storytime! with a little parallel play :)

Snuggled my boy at the park after working all day and picking him up from Mrs. Jenn! 


Telling me a good story! 

Fun with Skylar when she spent the night with us. They started a band. 

Playtime outside! 

Horseback rides with Dad

We walked at the Tyger River Park with our friends. 

And that wore him out! 

More silly faces! 

Silly kid! 

One of the best things about spring and summer? Baby in a diaper! 

Then, baby in a diaper, shirt and rubber boots! 

Reading time with Daddy. 

More park time! 

Snuggles with My best boy while we watched a little CG (Curious George) 

"MOM! When will these cookies be done?!"

FaceTime with PawPaw

Peanut butter is good for your skin! 

This is a happy, happy, happy boy! 

We met Jenn and Sky at the mall and we brought Sky some stickers...She was a HUGE fan! 

My mom went to Mexico with my cousin and she sent this picture one day...beautiful! 

Mason licked all of the condensation off of the windows one cold morning...oh boy! 

FaceTime with Silas and GiGi! 

Mason saw it was raining and ran to his closet to get his boots! 

Park afternoon! 

And last but not least, Matt put these on my dinner plate...all the heart eyes for that guy! 

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