Monday, April 20, 2015

The Morgan's Movements {Mid-April 2015}

Now that my many days of work have wound down, I've been loving having my time back with my boy!!

Snuggles after nap on a rainy day watching a little Curious George. 

We had a hot day (well, lots of them) and Mason wore a little summer outfit. He looked so cute! 

I turned on some music one morning and Mason ran up to me to dance and laid his head down on my shoulder to dance. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Then, I sat down and he kept his head down for more snuggles. THE BEST!

Enjoying the pretty view out of the front window. 

Reasons my kid was crying: I took away the large cup he had filled with toilet water! 

We went outside one afternoon and Mason found the pool. 1/4th of it was filled with about 1/8th of an inch of water and he was soaked in about 1 minute. BOYS!

We participate in child swap, like I've mentioned before, and it was our turn to have Skylar. She said "We are having a play party!" and she and Mason continued to do this! 

Park playdate with my best boy! 

Pardon the overload BUT he looks so big sitting on the bench and I couldn't help but keep snapping! 

Mason had his first popcorn! 

And we took a walk around Converse Heights. 

I was with the coolest kid in town! 

And that cool kid? He is learning to brush his teeth independently! 

Mason was fussing and I didn't know what had happened. I walked to the end of the couch and he was stuck on his box. HAHA! 

Morning snuggles with Daddy! 

Dressed and ready for church. 

Zoo Date with Daddy started with Lunch first. 


And, here are all of the beautiful flowers blooming. I always miss them because I don't take pictures before a big rain comes and washes them out. I didn't miss it this year! 

Sleepy love. 

Running trying to catch a bee. 

Last week, Mason and I spent a whole day at home in PJs and he wore his awesome Curious George PJs that I got for $1 for consignment and I documented the day well!! 

Carrying "all the things!"

Oh the eyelashes! 

He wanted to hold the iPad all by himself while FaceTiming with GiGi.

Working hard with his ball tower. 

A Little light reading. 


And then it was date night for Mom and Dad!!! #GodBlessChildSwap
We tried so hard to get a picture and it became hilarious! 

And then we got this (perfect) gem. Love my main squeeze! 

We enjoyed a yummy dinner at Oliver Garden. It was so nice and relaxing. 

A little light reading. 

And coloring...

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