Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tell How you picked your kids' names (or how you got yours)

I thought I would link up with Andrea (Momfessionals) for something a little fun today! Today, for Show & Tell Tuesdays they are talking about how we picked our kids' names. 

Here goes:

Long before Matt and I were together, I had chosen a name I would love for a girl (if I were to ever have one). My favorite girl name is Madeline Marie. Then, Matt and I got together and through the course of our dating, I told him about that name and he loved it too.

And well, we got married and then I became a Morgan, we realized that a future daughter would be named "Madeline Marie Morgan" with initials "MMM" which we actually loved/love. 

We also knew that if we had a son, we wanted his middle name to be Matthew after my husband, Matthew. So that meant a son's name would be _____ Matthew Morgan. So, we were faced with a decision: choose a first name that doesn't start with an "M" or choose one that started with "M" and just plan for all children to be named with initials "MMM". 

We chose the latter and are quite happy about it! We looked through boy names and chose about 10 that we liked and just discussed and narrowed down from there. We decided on Mason Matthew Morgan and we love love love it! After Mason was born on November 1st, 2013, apparently Mason was also a name that EVERYONE chose for their boys and it was one of the most popular boy names of 2013. Cracked us up because we didn't even consider that (nor do we really care about it) but it was just funny. 

Our plan for future Morgan children is this: 
We would love for all boys to have the middle name "Matthew" after their Dad. 
If we have a girl or girls, we will plan to use the name "Marie" as each girl's middle name as it is the name of my deceased aunt and I think it is so special. 

And so that's the story and just for fun, here is a picture of my sweet MMM. 


  1. Love this! Also just realized sweet Mason was born one day after my daughter Violet. What a handsome guy :-) love finding blogs with kids similar ages to mine, so I'm glad I came across yours!
    -Erin (No Bohns About It)

  2. I love that his initials are "MMM" - I never thought about that before! All my boys will have "Daniel" as a middle name, since it is also Derek's middle name. :-)

  3. What a fun story!! Back in the day, when I thought I would be a mom someday (and long before the days of Ryan), I picked out all my kids' names, and they all started with BR. I have no idea why. Brindan...Bracken...Braeton...Bronson...Brogan...and Brylie. (And also Braeya, but I used that one on the cat.) I've been told from outsiders that my kids, had they existed, might have hated me.

    I love your MMM theme. Makes my heart happy!