Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Death On Hold by Burton and Anita Folsom {A Book Review}

Death On Hold: A Prison's Desperate Prayer and the Unlikely Family Who Became God's Answer
by Burton and Anita Folsom was such an awe-inspring book. 

The book which is mostly the first-hand story of Mitch Rutledge begins when Mitch was young and follows the things he went through including selling drugs, doing drugs, assisting in prostitution and eventually killing a man. It follows Mitch to jail where he is convicted and placed on death row. 

In prison, Mitch changes his life and accepts Christ. Through this, he learns to read (at 21+ years old) among many other accomplishments. Time magazine wrote an article that included his story and the writer essentially said that Mitch was worthless and we should all just "forget him." 

Several people across the United States read this article and began to write to Mitch. Through these letters, he learned to write and correspond with them and they became his family. 

This family helped Mitch to become a role model for other prisoners, helped him to further turn his life around and just loved him like Jesus asks us all to do. 

I loved this story because while it was inspiring to see others love Mitch and him love them, it was not unrealistic about the fact that Mitch is in prison for a very real and horrible crime. His life is far from perfect and he deals with the struggles of prison every day despite having accepted Christ after the fact. 

I think this is a great book for anyone who enjoys reading biographies. 

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**I received this book in exchange for my review.**

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