Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Morgan's Movements {Early/Mid December}

Let's keep getting caught up. What have these CrAzY Morgans been up to this month!?!?

We got home from Louisiana and we had such a great time but we were pooped! Mason rested pretty well once we arrived back home. :)

Our present gift from Uncle Jay and Donna Faye was a Cool Daddy. We don't fry much but when we do, we wanted something to make it easier. This gadget does the trick! Matt made some homemade french fries for us. :)

Before we left, I forgot to finally get rid of this big box so we kept it a little bit longer and enjoyed some  more coloring with it. :)

Mason used it as a fort again, too.

We continued with our Christmas-book-a-day tradition and opened up a few to get caught up. Mason LOVES opening a book each day. 

The next morning, Mason was a bit under the weather so we spent most of the day at home and we got to make our gingerbread house. Side note: this consisted of Mason eating a great deal of decorations...haha!

(gangsta) Mason enjoyed some music time with Dad. 

Monday morning brought a little guy who hadn't slept well, hadn't eaten much and just wasn't himself. We headed on a quick trip to Target while we waited to see the doc. The diagnosis was hand, foot, mouth which left us quarantined for nearly a week.

Thankfully, Mason was in good spirits. We played with lots of toys that day.

We broke out for a bit that afternoon, too, to get some ice cream. The doctor said to give him as much as he wanted since it would feel good on his mouth blisters. 

The next day, I made a HUGE batch of these candy bag cookies for my MOPS steering team Christmas gathering. YUM! 

Day 2 of quarantine meant lots of coloring with our new markers. :)

And playing with Darth Spud. 

The next morning, I woke up sick. I caught a cold at some point so we snuggled ALL DAY! 

Thursday, I felt a tiny bit better but neither of us were well enough to leave the house so we made trash instead. It comforted us, for sure! 

Mason was well enough to jump and play in his crib. I liked that because he was contained. :)

We watched another Christmas movie and snuggled some more. Praise the Lord that this guy wanted to snuggle because I had zero energy from my cold. 

I found an old set of keys and cleaned them up for Mason. He opened every door that he could with them.

That evening, I had to work (couldn't get out of it) and my guys snuggled up at home.

Saturday morning meant more work for me. Thankfully I was feeling better and so was Mason. Matt and Mason had a KK date for Day of the Dozens.

That night was our buddy, Anna's, birthday party and I was so glad Mason was well. He had such a fun time! 

Matt and I had a date night at home that evening and Mason helped us decide what to order for our take-out. :)

Sunday afternoon, we went to a house warming party and then we brought Mason to The Rasnakes. He spent the night and Matt and I headed out to his work Christmas party. :)

Monday morning, I picked up my best guy and we hung out at home.

Puzzle time is the best time!

Monday night was a terrible night of sleep which is SO out of character for this guy. He was inconsolable for most of the morning and about 9:00, he asked me to get in bed with him. He fussed off and on...

And then this happened...at 9:15!

Look at those eyelashes!!!!

He woke up happy and ready for the rest of the day!

That afternoon, we hosted a cookie decorating playdate with a few friends. It was fun and sugar filled! 

The next morning, Wednesday, Mason woke up snotty and Matt offered to stay home with him since I had a MOPS meeting. They did dishes and played. I'm so grateful for that man of mine! 

GiGi sent us a care package and it included these mini snow globes. Mason was quite pleased with them! 

Coolest kid I know! 

Mason and I had a dinner date one night and he was well-behaved and a good eater. Win-Win!

The next morning, Matt headed to work and Mason and I were silly kids! 

It was raining so we weren't going outside but that doesn't mean that Mason doesn't need his boots!

Friday morning, Mason was fussing about pouting about me putting away his puzzle so I told him he could put it away. Instead, he decided he wanted to show me that he could do the entire puzzle by himself! I was so impressed! 

Our buddy, Anna, and her Mom stopped by for a visit to drop something off and the kids played for a minute.

Matt took Mason to CiCi's for dinner because he had a free buffet. Mason LOVED it as always!

That night was our Christmas Eve (we celebrated early.) and I'll share in the next post about the first part of our Christmas fun. 

Stay tuned! 


  1. I'm so glad Mason is getting to enjoy all these holiday traditions! And I'm glad you are feeling better :)

    1. Yes, we have a few traditions but they are the best and Mason fits right in!