Monday, December 21, 2015

Louisiana Trip {November/December 2015}

We took a fun trip to Louisiana to bring my Mom home and get a little visit in with some family. 

Mason was a great car rider despite not napping much. He remained happy and he and GiGi had fun in the back seat together. 

We left early that Saturday morning, stopped for yummy breakfast and lunch and then dropped mom off at her house around 4ish and headed to Dad's. We got there just before dark and we ALL slept well that night. 

Sunday brought an early morning as Mason adjusted to a different time zone and we got some fun in that morning with PawPaw. We made a run to Target and then headed to Uncle Jay and Aunt Donna Faye's for a delayed Thanksgiving dinner. 

MMM caught a cat nap along the way. 

When we got to Uncle Jay's, Mason immediately spotted the tractors and he "rode" them for a long time! 

He LOVED the pond as well. Not surprising! 

More driving. :)

And then some rolling down the hill! 

We had a delicious lunch of ham, dressing, peas, sweet potatoes, rolls and so much more. We were ALL stuffed to the gills. Mason got spoiled a little bit with some presents from his Uncle Jay and DeDe. 


His favorite gift was his black rubber boots which he honestly hasn't taken off much since he got them!

On our way back to PawPaw's house, we stopped to drive around Global Wildlife and when we arrived at PawPaw and MiMi's, Mason put his boots to the test and got them MUDDY! 

A messy face for dinner soon followed! 

The next day, we laid low and Mason explored outside with Dad and PawPaw while I went to visit baby Landry. Mason saw Patches drink out of the pool so of course, he had to try that! (Don't worry, it's salt water.)

On my way to see Baby Landry, I stopped for my favorite treat, a frozen hot chocolate from PJ's. 

I mean, you guys! Look at this baby!! She was trying on some of her pretties for her newborn photos. It didn't last long. haha! 

While I snuggled her up, Mason and Dad got a good nap! Mason's hair was proof! 

That night, MiMi gave Mason his Christmas presents. He was so excited about the drum, recorder, and other instruments he received. He's a regular one man band at this point! 

The night was capped off with PawPaw snuggles, duh! 

The next morning, we were up early to head to breakfast at Berry Patch Cafe and then hit the road to the Audubon Zoo. (More pictures from the zoo to come later.)

Mason asked for a "waff" and that he got! 

The parents got yummy breakfast, too! 

Car cat naps were a theme of this trip. We were glad he caught this one because we ended up at the zoo for several hours and he needed it before we got going with all of that walking! 

Here we are! 

We were sad that we didn't get to see the elephants but the machines working on their new home made us happy! 

Mason's treat from the zoo was a pair of binoculars. He LOVES them! 

**Thanks, MiMi for treating us to the zoo! The only thing better would have been having you along with us.

We stopped for lunch at the famous Camellia Grille and it was fantastic! 

Little guy didn't sleep on the way home so once we got home, we all napped for a bit. Sleepy snuggles! 

Sometimes, a boy just needs to get (almost) naked and wear his PawPaw's boots! 

Wednesday, we met PawPaw at BerryTown for lunch. YUM! 

Sweet guys looking outside! 

Total relaxation! 

Bath times in Louisiana call for bubble beards! 

Mason was happy that PawPaw made spaghetti one night, too! 

One evening, it was cold and PawPaw built a fire. These boys were all about that! 

(Mason put on his own hat. :)) He was also especially BUSY that night. Hence all of the blurry pictures. 

Our last full day  in Louisiana called for lots PawPaw time, both inside and outside. 

We took a trip to my Alma Mater and walked around for a while before we visited Aunt Celie at work on campus. 

We even showed Mason my old building. I spent 99% of my time here in undergraduate. 

After our campus visit, we met GiGi for lunch at Trey Yeun, a old favorite. Yummy delicious Chinese food! 
Obviously, pictures were not a priority for the little guy! 

One last hug for GiGi! 

And a kiss, too! 

We also got to see the fish at the restaurant before heading out. 

We made a quick stop by Aunt Celie's house to pick some oranges from her tree. Mason and PawPaw loved that! We are still enjoying those yummy oranges, too! 

That night, I went out to meet my best friend, Jill, for dinner and Mason and Matt had some shenanigans back at the house. :)

We were up bright and early Friday morning to head back to South Carolina. We made our last Louisiana stop at a donut shop that I love. Mason was certainly happy about his donut holes. Then he was hopped up on sugar and was doing crazy thing. :)


Once we got into SC, we were all starving. Our last hoorah of the trip was a yummy dinner at Chuy's where the waitress brought Mason a popsicle. He was SO happy about that! 

We managed to get stuck in traffic for an hour but we made it home, nonetheless! 

It was a GREAT trip and we are glad we got to go! 


  1. I know I've said it before, but SERIOUSLY you guys are the cutest and have the most fun!! I adored this post!!! That Mason. What a darling personality and such a cutie! And you two are great parents. KUDOS!!!

    1. You are the sweetest. Thanks! He is a HOOT! he is always keeping us on our toes. :-)