Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Morgan's Movements {Mid/Late-November 2015}

Three weeks away from blogging. It was a crazy three weeks. My mom was in town, we were out of town and then we were sick. Let's see what happened all of those weeks ago. :)
This little boy loves to wear hats...even if they aren't his. 

Matt was at church one night. I watched a show and drank some yummy hot chocolate. YUM!

See what I mean? Loves the hats. :)

Mason and I had a fun time at the library one day. He loves to play with their toys especially when they are ones he doesn't have at home.

Silly Dad...he sat in Mason's lap.

This sweet boy got a haircut!

We enjoyed a nice afternoon at the park with our buds, The Rasnakes.

Mason got his first milk mustache! :)

Hide and Seek under the rug. HAHA! 

Chilled to the max in his pjs and on his new chair. :)

Coolest kid I know.

YAY for Leaves!! 

Our neighbor, Mrs. Phoebe, gifted Mason a old tree of hers and we decorated it. He LOVES his tree!

We enjoyed some snuggle time with a Christmas movie one evening. We love snuggles!!! 

That snuggle time turned into this craziness! Pillows EVERYWHERE!

I love this dude to pieces! 

I had to go out of town overnight for a class and when I left I hoped for sweet hugs and kisses. Mason was NOT interested! 

However, he enjoyed his time with Dad once he got adjusted. I'm so glad that Matt is an awesome Dad. I had no problem leaving Mason overnight for my class. He was in the BEST hands!

Matt had some help from The Rasnakes, too. Thanks, Jenn! 

Boys night calls for Wendy's to-go!

Meanwhile, I got some good visit time with the Moody gang!

Boy time!

Mandy and I got to go to dinner at a place called Not Watson's. I got a YUMMY burger salad. This thing was delicious!

Matt enjoyed a night at home of his own. Coffee and cookies. :)

These two! 

The Panthers won (duh) and that meant 3.99 a dozen glazed at KK. Matt and Mason took advantage of that!

Mason also perfected his cricket catching! They appear to be coming into our house via the air vent and Mason takes care of catching them.

He also washed some dishes for us.

Fort time!

During lunch, Mrs. Phoebe brought Mason some snacks...there goes lunch! ;-)

They got some good boy time in the rest of the day. I love them so!

When our friends sent Mason his new chair, it came in this HUGE box! Mason played with this box for a full month. It was a fort, a place to throw his balls, and at last it became a coloring box. So fun! 

On November 19th, Mason woke up and his GiGi was here!!! 

Our MOMS club make some turkey crafts and Mason and I took them to a local nursing facility to hand them out. Mason was so sweet greeting each resident and given them a craft. He smiled, shook hands and blew kisses. He did the MOMS club proud!

That night once Matt got off at work, we went to Wade's, GiGi's favorite! It was so good! 

Mason tried on GiGi's glasses. :)

And Matt wore Mason's. Fun!

When asked if some smelled...

One morning, we headed to Home Depot for Matt to get his Christmas gift from GiGi! 

A weed trimmer!!

We completed a family service project. Mason was a HUGE help and participant. 

We also made some yummy trash using my grandmother's recipe. SO good!

Sometimes standing to play is just too hard...haha! 

Silliness...pure silliness.

GiGi and Mason hunted for leaves. There sure isn't a shortage of them. 

Grandmom and Granddad invited us over for dinner and they got Mason this stuffed dog. They hid it until he got there. He was so excited to find it.

Painting is fun! 

We went out early for a Thanksgiving/Christmas meal while GiGi was here. We were ready! 

We went to Willy Taco and then we exchanged gifts with GiGi. Mason had not gotten his birthday gifts so he got those as well as his Christmas presents. It looks like so many but we literally individually wrapped each item. He's fun to watch open presents so it was the best! 

Finally using the box to draw on...

Puzzle time!

On our last night before our trip, Mason found a great place to sit. Haha! 

I'll catch you up on our Louisiana trip soon! :)

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