Thursday, December 31, 2015

Books I Read {2015}

 For Review:
1. Empire of Sin by Gary Krist
2. From This Day Forward by Craig and Amy Groeschel
3. The 13th Gift by Joann Huist Smith
4. For the Right Reasons by Sean Lowe
5. I Choose you Today by Debbie DeArmond
6. The Monster Who Ate My Socks by A.J. Cosmo
7. Becoming a Spiritually Healthy Family by Michelle Anthony
8. Miracle at the Higher Grounds Cafe by Max Lucado
9. How to Catch a Prince by Rachel Hauck
10. Bella's Gift by Rick and Karen Santorum with Elizabeth Santorum
11. A Fifty-Year Silence by Miranda Richmond Mouillot
12. How Many Times Do I have to Tell you by Rachael Carman
13. Blessings for the Morning by Susie Larson
14. Trisha's Table by Trisha Yearwood
15. Fear & Faith by Trillia J. Newbell
16. Savor by Shauna Niequist
17. The Rainbow Egg by Linda K. Hendricks
18. Cookie Love by Mindy Segal with Kate Leahy
19. The Berenstain Bears God Bless Our Country by Mike Berenstain
20. Amish Promises by Leslie Gould
21. The Mother & Child Project compiled by Hope Through Healing Hands
22. Positive Discipline The First Three Years by Jane Nelson, Cheryl Erwin, and Roslyn Ann Duffy
23. If He Had Not Come by David Nicholson
24. Love Arrives in Pieces by Betsy St. Amant
25. Beyond Believing by D.D. Marx
26. Her Sister's Shoes by Ashley Farley
27. Kika The Upside Down Girl by Jessica Tudos
28. The Real Doctor Will See You Shortly by Matt McCarthy
29. The Book of Joan: Tales of Mirth, Mischief, and Manipulation by Melissa Rivers
30. Reservations for Two by Hillary Manton Lodge
31. The Wood's Edge by Lori Benton
32. Letters from my Father's Murderer by Laurie A Coombs
33. Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Beth K. Vogt
34. Heart Dancing by Kathryn Eriksen
35. Asia's New Wings by Clifton and Michelle Cottom
36. God Made All of Me by Justin and Lindsey Holcombe
37. Jesus Calling for Little Ones by Sarah Young
38. Called for Life by Kent & Amber Brantly
39. For The Love by Jen Hatmaker
40. Gather Around the Amish Table by Lucy Leid
41. Let's Talk About the Lord's Prayer by Catherine DeVries
42. The Splendor of Ordinary Days by Jeff High (didn't write a review due to extenuating circumstances)
43. Say & Pray Bible: First Words, Stories, and Prayers by Diane Stortz
44. The Photograph by Beverly Lewis
45. The Time Garden by Daria Song
46. Goodnight, Manger by Laura Sassi
47. Dear Mary by Sarah Jakes
48. Seven Women by Eric Metaxas
49. Rare Bird by Anna Whiston-Donaldson
50. Stop and Smell Your Children by Leah Spina
51. Forgiven by Terri Roberts
52. The Five Times I met Myself by James L Rubar
53. Death on Hold by Burton Folsom and Anita Folsom
54. The Wedding Chapel by Rachel Hauck

For me:
1. Home is Where My People Are by Sophie Hudson
2. Raising Kids Who Turn out Right by Tim Kimmel
3. The Love Dare by Alex Kendrick and Stephen Kendrick
4. The Act of Marriage by Tim & Beverly LaHaye
5. Sheet Music by Kevin Leman

59 total!!!


  1. IMPRESSIVE!!! Good idea to keep a list of what you've read. Perhaps I'll steal that idea for 2016!!

    1. This is the second year I've kept a list and it's just fun to see what I've read and how much at the end. Reviewing has made it possible for me to read more and I'm so happy about it! Maybe I'll read a few more in 2016. Oh but wait, I'm pregnant and I'll have a newborn, better not set my sights too high!!