Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Matt's Birthday {30}

My sweet guy turned 30 this past weekend! I can hardly believe it! I'm older than him by 19 months so I, obviously, can joke with him about being an old man now since I've been there already. :) Last weekend, we had our overnight date for his birthday but we didn't let his big day pass by without some celebration. Duh. :)
Friday night, Matt brought home bacon cheeseburgers and fries and we had a picnic outside. We were obviously happy about that! 

After dinner we talked about going to get dessert but then we remembered we had some ice cream in the freezer. I made these guys Thin Mint milkshakes. Mason finished his and needed to share with Dad. :) 
What better way to finish your 20s than sharing a milkshake with your best boy!

Proof of ice cream consumption.

Saturday morning (Matt's actual birthday) started with a few cards and presents. Matt had received some presents in the mail so I saved all of those and let him open them this morning. Of course, Mason helped. :) 
Cards from Mason and me.

Treats from GiGi...a card, peeps, chocolate and money to continue with our Netflix subscription.

Oh! And some coffee! These pictures just cracked me up because Mason was very interested in the coffee bags. :)

I also gave Matt a little book of prayers for Dads and Mason was doing a little light reading. :)

Ben, Matt's brother, sent Matt a cup warmer. Matt was excited to use it. It's not often (right now) that his coffee gets cold but with our house growing this summer, he will likely need it more! :)

Enough presents, let's eat some Peeps!

After presents and cards, we headed out to the Farmer's Market. It was the first Saturday for the year and we were excited! Matt and I each got Bacon, Egg and Cheese croissants and Mason had a cinnamon roll. We enjoyed walking around and we picked up some fun treats. Matt got some homemade smoked gouda goat cheese pimento cheese and some Carolina pecan popcorn. We also got some carrot cake jam to take home with us. :)

We came home and we got to work in the yard. We had talked earlier in the week and decided that Saturday would be the best day for it. The weather was overcast and cool and great for being outside. We pruned our shrubs, cut grass, pulled weeds etc. Mason even got in a little driving!

We all got to take delightful naps and after dinner we headed to church for our Easter service...more to come on that later. 

Happy 30th, my love! 

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