Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Morgan's Movements {Late February 2016}

Oh My Golly! It's MARCH!! Can you believe it!?!
We enjoyed the HECK out of the end of February...even that extra Monday. ;-)

Last Sunday for church, we were all looking so cute that I asked for a picture. Mason insisted on showing his belly the whole time...BOYS!

I love this guy!

Isn't this the sweetest? Mason was snuggled right up.

My guys went on a dinner date and this is them telling me "BYE!!"

You guys...salads are the best!

And yogurt is pretty darn awesome, too. When you fail your 1 hour glucose test, you just say "heck with it" and go get yogurt. Yep, I did.

These two guys are the cutest and they had some FUN with cupcakes!

Matt and I had an at home date with Chinese takeout and some of our favorite shows. I love my man!

We had our MOMS Club music group for the first time and it was so fun! I didn't catch a lot of great pictures but I wanted to document anyway. :)

I took this picture because Mason looked so snuggled up and comfy enjoying his pre-nap show. :)

Date with my sweet boy while Dad was at church. He's my favorite 2 year old EVER!

I worked last Thursday and my sweet boy got to spend another day with The Rasnakes. The best friends. ;)

That same night, I went out for a MNO. I always want to go for MOMS Club MNO but I always seem to be working those nights. But not this time!! My guys sent me out with joy. :)

My friend, Kris, was getting rid of some toys and she handed Mason down this car track. That was last Friday and he hasn't played with much else since then. :) He's a happy guy!

You guys!! Coolest kid I know!!

Target is our happy place...well, one of them. :)

This picture isn't great but the story is so I have to share. I have been meaning to get Mason some kid-safe scissors but I kept forgetting. When we were browsing Target, I saw some on clearance. I decided to go ahead and get two pair since we will eventually have 2 kids using them. I got a red and a blue pair. I kept on moving and I see Mason holding the scissors in separate hands and saying "Red? Blue? Red? Blue? Red? Blue? RED!!" He was moving them back and forth until he made his decision. It was THE. BEST!

We had fun a Kindergym and then a lunch date with our buds, Mrs. Kris and Anna. Somehow, I didn't take any pictures. 
After nap, more car track fun. :)

Saturday morning, Matt had to work and then we met him for a late breakfast at Golden Corral. Mason was a FAN of the dessert at breakfast. :)

After that, I ran to the grocery store and Matt took Mason to use some money he had left from Christmas. What did they purchase? 

Well, first they touched everything in the store! :)

And then they purchased CARS!!! Matt was a super happy Dad and Mason was darn happy, too!

Saturday evening, we headed to Grandmom and Granddad's for a yummy dinner and just good visit time. Mason, of course, brought along his track and his cars. :)

I love these handsome guys. We were ready for church.

Happy Sunday!!

Happy 4th Birthday, NewSpring Spartanburg!

When we got home, I was making lunch and Mason was hanging out in the sun, reading. Isn't that just heart melting....

Sunday afternoon, we got to keep the Rasnake girls. We love them so! :) 
Emma wasn't so sure about pictures with me. haha!

Wagons are FUN!!

Y'all...this is the sweetest EVER!!

Post-nap snuggles with Pops

Matt took the big kids to Hatcher Garden while Emma finished up her nap. What FUN!

An extra Monday could have brought us down but it didn't! We started it with whistling away while we headed out. :)

We had our first Toddler Time group and we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar, made fruit pizzas and played with our friends. :)

We had such a good time and we were worn out. We enjoyed some pre-nap snuggles and cheeses. Love this boy TONS!

Meanwhile, Matt enjoyed his final day of free bagels at Panera. Bagels, we will miss you.

I'm working on some product reviews and Mason decided to help. HAHA!

Wow, February you were GOOD! March marks just 3 months until Baby MMM2 arrives!!! :) 

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