Monday, March 28, 2016

Open Letters {21}

Dear Matt,

You have joined the 30's club! Isn't it fantastic!?!


Your older wife

Dear Mason, 

When you say you want to name the baby "Mac Mac", I love it so. 


Your Momma

Dear Random Chick at Dairy Queen, 

I cannot believe that while I sat having dinner with my son that I also heard the camera click on your phone nearly 100 times while you took selfies of yourself. UNREAL!

Shocked person

Dear Rasnakes, 

Thank you, again, for watching our sweet boy while we had an overnight date, We love ya for it!


The Morgans

Dear Beach, 

The non-beach lovin' Morgans are strongly considering a trip to visit you in the early Fall. Be good to us. :)


Mountain Lovers

Dear Baby #2, 

We set a date for your birth date. I told your Dad that I know that there's a chance you will decide to come at a different time beforehand. That'll be all right by me. Just grow in there until full term, please and thank you. :) 


Your Momma

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