Monday, March 21, 2016

Open Letters {20}

Dear Dairy Queen,

Thank you for a free ice cream cone. It was awesome UNTIL I started craving ice cream daily! AH!

This pregnant lady

Dear MOPS, 

I can't believe there's only 3 meetings left! I will miss this group for sure!

An appreciative Mom

Dear Matt, 

It's your birthday week!!!! WOOHOO!!!
Time to celebrate!!

Your wife

Dear Mason, 

I'm looking forward to Easter with you! You are getting to be so aware of all holidays and I can't wait to teach you more and more about Jesus. 

Your Momma

Dear Baby Morgan 2, 

You will be here in approximately 11 weeks!!

Your Momma

Dear Real Housewives of nearly everywhere, 

Your shows are such trash but I can't quit them! It's my break from reality. I laugh at your stupidity and I shake my head but I just can't help it!

A crazy lady. ;-)

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