Thursday, October 13, 2016

Potty Training BootCamp!

Two weeks ago, Matt took off for a long weekend and we had potty training boot camp. A friend shared a book with us and we followed along with that pretty well. Mason had been talking about it a lot but with the new baby, my pumping and just life, we wanted to wait until Matt could be home with us. 

Early that morning we threw the diapers out of the door and told them goodbye!  

Mason immediately put on "big boys" and had to show them to Maddox.

He had two accidents right off the bat and didn't have any more during the day between Friday and Saturday. 
GiGi sent us potty training treats...Shari's Berries!

We spent most of the time on the floor watching shows, doing puzzles, coloring, reading, etc. etc. etc. The way we approached it was "Check to see if you are dry." "Let us know when you need to go to the bathroom." " We are so proud of you for staying dry."


Meanwhile, Maddox was a trooper!!

Oh and we also played outside!

We had all kinds of reward snacks and we also had tons of drinks. The goal for the first few days is to have them drink a TON so that they have to go to the bathroom often and really get used to the process.

After-potty snacks.

Wait, isn't this how you are supposed to read books?

Saturday night after two FULL days of lots of pottying, Matt and I had an at-home date, we deserved that right? Greek Fest was that weekend so he went out to get us lots of yumminess!

By Sunday, Mason really had the day time thing under control. He has had a few hiccups in the last couple of weeks mostly when he's playing and gets busy then forgets to stop to potty. Also, pottying outside of the house hasn't been a favorite but it's getting much better!!

Our biggest issue has been night time situations. We had not originally planned to night time train at the same time but then he did so well the first and second day that we decided to try. He woke up dry the first night so we kept going. Since then, he has gone back and forth. He has some great nights and some not so great. Matt and I are just learning as we go and trying to figure out the best solution for Mason and ourselves. Overall, he has done incredible and I'm SOOOO proud of him! 


  1. You are a rock star know htat??? :)

  2. Also, it's just too early to spell. :)