Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Morgan's Movements {Early October 2016}

I feel like each week I try to make time to blog but sleep, feeding babies, spending time with my sweet man, or etc., etc., etc., comes up. So, here we are talking about early October several days after I'd like to do so. :) However, here it is and it may even be slightly out of order....haha!

This little guy in his "big boys" is just the cutest thing. Here, he is watching football. #ManStuff

Brother, however, is unimpressed.

The jumper is the best!!


Sweet guys reading...

Comfy, Mason?

Gah, I just can't quit...

One morning, Matt took Mason on a breakfast date to McDonald's and for the first time, they got a Big Breakfast and Mason was PUMPED!!

Decorating pumpkins is FUN! We hope to carve one soon, too!

We had an indoor picnic one evening and Mason cooked the food. ;-)


This isn't the best picture but this shows the gallery wall in the boys' room. I love it!

We had a speech screen completed for our big guy. He was a tiny bit nervous so we are hoping he will be more participatory during his evaluation.

Little brother had his first blue jean wearing experience and his first big boy stroller ride!

I've been making Mason some simple breakfasts to eat in the morning while I give Maddox his bottle. George joins us sometimes.

Three sleepy heads!

After nap snuggles are THE. BEST!

Bathtime baby...


See big brother in the sunglasses? :)

In his corner having his early morning breakfast...

Somehow I got a foot rub! Sweet boy.

We joined some MOMS Club friends at Glendale Shoals one morning and it was great weather.

Our sweet friend, Anna, gave us some books and Mason was so excited about them!

On our drive home I took a pic while driving because I couldn't help it. This house has FAKE flowers planted out front!!!

Later that day, Mason decided to help me pump. He was so cute. Then he said "Where Milk ma?"

Smiley baby boy!

My WHOLE heart!

Thumbs up for being dry in the morning. GOOOO Mason!

What a random assortment of life. :)

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