Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Morgan's Movements {Mid-October 2016}

Whoa...there are WAY TOO MANY PICTURES in this post. I think I may try to start doing our Morgan's Movements posts a little differently because when I cover 10 days at a time there are so many pictures. Maybe I'll do week by week? I don't know...

For now, here's what we did. :) 

SNUGGLES!! Early morning snuggles.

A zoo trip with some monkeys....;-)

Yay for two kids not looking at the camera at the same time...or ever...

A's got this down!

Cute friends.

That zoo trip wore this boy OUT!

He woke up for a second and then went right back to sleep. :)

Brother playtime. The best.

Mason chose to eat his breakfast under the jumper while I fed Maddox. We eat "real" breakfast at the table but Mason wakes up hungry so I give him a snack breakfast while Maddox has his first bottle. :)

Later that day, Mason was watching a show while I pumped and he made sure he was touching me with his feet. So sweet.
One morning during Maddox's nap time, I did my devotional with coloring and Mason did his coloring. :)

Y'all, this kid loves this darn jumper!!


Comfy, Mase?

Sweet love...

Saturday morning meant a monster donut for my little guy and of course, one for Daddy, too.

Ate a monster donut, turned into a monster!

We had Grandmom and Granddad over for dinner and we had chili! YUM!

Music time!




The weather has been beautiful and we had been outside as much as we could be each day.


Tree climbing!


Gah, I love these boys!

Super Maddox!!

We almost never have quarters but this particular day, we did so I said yes to this!



And then I said yes to this!

Maddox's got me!

Mason had a cape and insisted Maddox did, too!

Family dinner at CiCi's and Maddox sitting like a big boy.

I got a construction helmet for $1 at consignment so Mason had his helmet, googles, work pjs and work boots. He was READY!

We were all up early one morning for Maddox's well check. We were there but we weren't all looking at the camera...the usual.


Mason just needed to chill while we waited for Dr. Shelley!

A little uncertain...

Dr. Shelley checking him out! Healthy boy. (A post coming about that soon!)

Got me again. :)




Big brother joined. YAY!

Mason had his speech evaluation and he did so well participating! We will know more about it soon.

ALLLLL the race tracks!

We enjoyed an evening outside for Mason to ride his bike and for all of us to take a walk. Maddox was obviously uninterested.

Go, Mason!!

When we finished up, our neighbors pulled in. Mason got some change for his piggy bank and we enjoyed a good quick visit with them.

Brotherly love.

Momma pumping. Mason reading. Maddox jumping

I took the boys to the park and Mason enjoyed it so much.



Too cool for school.

Um, excuse me!?!

Puzzles in his underwear. :)

A friend sent Mason this awesome truck and he loves it!

Sweet sleeping boys...

Mason is such a BIG helper!

One more evening outside walking and enjoying the weather. Mason needed to relax. :)

Cleaning out the garden.

Phew...that's that! 

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  1. As always, you guys have THE MOST FUN, and I just love your adventures!!!!