Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Louisiana Visit {October 2017} {Part 1}

Last Monday morning, we all took Mason to speech and hung out while he was in his session. 


After, we ran to Home Depot to potty before we left and we told Matt good-bye and go along our way! 

The boys and I were on the road about 9:20 and we were excited! We stopped a couple of hours in for lunch and it was McDonald's per Mason's request! 

Mason LOVED seeing this HUGE pumpkin display on our way back to the interstate. 

The rest of our travel was good and we got into Birmingham about 2:30. 

Pure sweetness...

Our first stop was Cookie Fix. I had read about it and wanted to try it out. Those cookies were saved for later and they were yummy! 

We got to our friends' house about 3:00 and all of the boys were outside playing in no time! 

We enjoyed the fun afternoon, snacks and pizza dinner. 

No shirts on kids for pizza dinner! 

A little more playtime before bed is always a good idea! 

Freshly bathed and PJ'ed kids before bed...😍

The next morning, the boys were up well before daylight so we just made it work and got dressed and on the road. We were well over an hour in before we saw this outside of our windows. 

Everyone travelled well and we only stopped once for gas and snack cup filling. Maddox napped for a while and so did Mason! 

We got into Louisiana about 11:00 and went straight to lunch with GiGi! 

We enjoyed delicious lunch and then visited with some of GiGi's former co-workers before we headed to PawPaw's. We got there just in time for chill time/nap time! 


We made a grocery store trip after rest and enjoyed some time outside. It was hot but so pretty! 

There was plenty of playtime inside after baths and before bed. 


Once Maddox was in bed, Mason showed PawPaw how to play games on the iPad. 

I put the boys in bed and went to PJs for my favorite PJ's Coffee drink, Frozen Hot Chocolate. Aside from them not having whipped cream, it was YUM! 

We were all in bed asleep early and prepping for another day in Louisiana! 

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