Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Mason Says & Does {22}

While doing some cleaning..."Clean It up up up. clean it up up up. FIRE!"

Matt was drinking Pepsi fire and Mason said, "I don't see any fire!"

Me: Mason, You don't have speech tomorrow because Mrs. Sarah is off.
Mason: But I got to do some speech
Me: We will do some at home. I will do it with you. I'm a speech therapist, too.
Mason: NOO!!!!
Well, that went well! 

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?"
Mason, thinking for a minute: "ME!!!"

When discussing how hungry Mason was "I could eat eyeballs and a chicken leg. And Maddox could eat a whole car!"

"Awww, man!"

Mr. Dean, our neighbor, brought Klondike bars for the boys. Mason high fived him and said thank you. When he was walking down the steps, Mason yelled, "I LOVE YOU!!!" 😭😭😭

Our boy loves to travel. "How many days until our next trip?"

Mason ate some Trix at PopPop and Grammy's house and he kept calling the rabbit, "Knuffle Bunny" from one of our favorite stories. So cute.

What do the concrete and a puppy dog have in common? They both RUFFF.

LOTS of tears when Matt and the boys had to leave from his parents house. Mason said, "I'm going to cry the whole way home." Thankfully, he recovered and didn't cry the whole way home!

Matt served chili one night while I was working. Mason got completely naked because he "didn't want to drip on underwear" 😂😂😂

Mason, what will you get me for Christmas? --Mom
A lovely card --Mason

When Irma was moving through town Mason yelled out the window at cars: "Be careful or you will get blown over!!"

Police cars went by and for the first time he said, "That's not good!"

I dropped ketchup on Mason's grapes one day at lunch and I apologized. He said, "Oh, that's okay. I like ketchup on things!"

Walk please, Mason..."Can I walk fast?"

We drove by the place where we purchased our car and he said, "Oh no! I wanted to get that jeep but somebody already got it!"

I got up from the couch to do something and Mason moved to my seat and said, "Mom, I will keep you seat warm!"

We came in from a morning of errands and a trip to the library and Mason sits down and says, "Phew! That Sure was a long day!"

Mason put something away for Maddox and he said, "That's how I can be a good friend!" He learned that in church that very day. Things are sticking :)

As Matt and Mason were pulling into speech, he said, "I hope Wyatt is there today." They pulled in right behind them and he held the door for them. He's such a kind boy!

Me: "What should we get Miss Sarah as a gift?"
Mason:"Nothing, Mom. God is her present."

He keeps calling AWANA "Moana". 😂

"Mom, I need to snuggle on the couch with Maladdin (Aladdin) because I have a fevah. You can snuggle with me!"

Did You pack a snack?
What is it?
Graham Crackers.
And what's next snack?

See the above sign: "Mom, I want to get in that sign and eat that sandwich!!" 

"Cheereal" for cereal. 

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