Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Morgan's Movements 2018 {Week 4}

This past week was just a good ole week. It was a lot of our usual but it was just a good week. 
We had a bit of play doh time. This is all fun and games until Maddox starts throwing it! 

One morning, I got some snuggles with Maddox. This is happening more often lately and we are all loving it! 

He also got to watch some ABC videos while having a snack. He was swaying back and forth and it was the cutest. Mason used to watch these all of the time but Maddox hasn't watched much. 

Tuesday, I headed to MOPS and Matt was home with the boys. Mason was a goof during bath time! 

He made them an awesome lunch! Those are grilled PBJs! 

That afternoon, we made this awesome cast iron skillet cookie. It was so rich and delicious! I couldn't  finish my piece! 

We needed to walk that off so we headed to Hatcher Garden! 


Wednesday was an early morning since I had to be at Home Depot for a health screening. We turned it into fun and Mason rode some mowers. 

Storytime that afternoon was extra fun that afternoon. Maddox continues to be more and more involved and it's so neat to see! 

Thursday morning, we got to spend 2 hours with our best bud! The kids played so well together and us mommas got some good chats in! 

Love this guy. 

But I gotta be honest, pretty sure they both love Daddy the most. 😍😍😍

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