Friday, February 16, 2018

Valentine's Day 2018

We celebrated Valentine's for a few days as a family and that was fun! 

Saturday evening, we were all feeling good and we headed out to Bronco's for dinner! It was delicious!

That evening, we headed to Aldi to pick up a few things and we finished the night at Rocky Moo, a new ice cream sandwich shop in town. It was delicious and we cannot wait to go back there! 


Sunday was just a casual day and Monday morning, Mason was ready to hand out a Valentine to Miss Mary. (Also, I don't know what it up with that underbite smile. 😑)

Tuesday night, the boys opened a few Valentine's treats from their GiGi. She got them some new playdoh and color wonder coloring books! 

Wednesday morning, we attempted a pic on the steps before speech. yeah, it went great! 


After speech, we decided to pick up Bojangle's biscuits and bring to Daddy at work. That was a fun stop! 

Mason said that neither Matt nor I were his Valentine but that "Bo berry biscuits are my valentine because they are yummy! and I love them!" 

Once we got back home, it got crazy. Sugar rush, I'm guessing! Mason took his pants off. Then Maddox cried and eventually his came off too. 

Mason and I did a bit of school and had some entertainment while we did. 



That afternoon, Matt and Maddox were home and Maddox was very interested in curling! 😂

Mason and I met some MOMS Club friends at a local nursing home to hand out valentines. Mason asked for a picture before we left. Love him. 

We had a few Valentines for the boys that evening and we had them hide their eyes. 😂

Mason needed shoes and we found some on clearance. He was pumped! 

Maddox got two books. We also wrote them some sweet little notes, gave M&Ms, bubble bath and new toothpaste! 

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