Thursday, April 12, 2018

Louisiana Trip {April 2018} Days 1 & 2

Last week, the boys and I took a trip to Louisiana to visit family and friends. We got up early Sunday morning to head out. Pictures were obviously everyone's first priority! 

I was sad to not have my partner in crime for the week but we did okay! 

My boys did great on the drive...

Meanwhile, Matt was at home eating well. :) 

We stopped in Montgomery for lunch and waved to PopPop and Grammy on our way through. 


Again, meanwhile, Matt was relaxing with Grandmom and Granddad. 

We made it to PawPaw's by about 4:00 and the boys immediately got dirty. :) 
Aunt Celie made the boys flower necklaces. 

And more relaxing at home for Matt. 

Mason found a friend in Spike this trip and I was so grateful. 

PawPaw took the boys on a tractor ride. Maddox was all about it until he saw me. 

Then we snuggled instead. :) 

Mason was in it for the long haul! 


There's that dirt! 

The boys were out within seconds of their heads laying down. 

I didn't have long to miss Mason because he woke me up at 4ish the next morning! 

We ran for donuts and everyone was happy! 

PawPaw got a good wake up call and the boys were ready for playtime. 

Check out Maddox's hair!



We went to Jill's to visit with her and her kiddos. It was a good visit! 


Rest time was good to Mason. 

That evening, the boys help PawPaw plant a little garden. Brock helped, too! 





Then everyone needed a hose bath. :) 

And a peep as a reward. 

Mason picked up this ice chest and told me "I went to school but the sign said it was closed for the season." 

Then at bedtime he turned big. 

We had a great first two days! I'll continue with more soon. :)

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