Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The Morgan's Movements 2018 {Week 16}

Week 16 was a full week of having GiGi here, too! 

The boys soaked up so much good time with her and I'm so grateful we get to have these extended times with her! 

Reading time is definitely a major favorite! 

I got some good snuggles from this one! 

We all went to Mason's speech session on Tuesday morning and Maddox was looking so big! 


We had the best time outside for several days. Mrs. Kris came by and the boys loved that! 

Someone decided to color on the baseboards and that meant he got to clean it, too! 

He redeemed himself slightly by giving me a flower. :) 

A friend loaned us a bike with training wheels and Mason got the hang of it quickly! 

Then he switched with Maddox. :) 

I got a pedicure one evening. 😂

And a manicure. 

Little Bit loves that GiGi! 

He also chose to dress in his brother's clothes, right down to the socks. 

and hat! 

Then we got in PJs and he found the shoes, too! 

We have been very interested in animals lately especially since Maddox received his farm from GiGi so on this morning, we made a pen for some of them. 

Yep, more reading. 


Getting snuggled in for a show. 

Loves that Daddy...

Friday, Matt took the boys to the park for a bit before we went to dinner. 

All of the Morgans on the couch. 😍

Oh man, so much love. 

Someone woke up with some WILD hair! I don't even know how to tame it! 

so big! 

We made a trip to the library to play and pick up some books. 


On the way home, our car literally died. Transmission. Yeah, it wasn't fun! Thankfully we were safe. 

Our plans for the remainder of the day were squashed with that so we headed home for movies, snacks, and snuggles.


Saturday, I took GiGi to the airport and Matt took the boys to soccer. Mason got a scrape and needed a band-aid. Guess who else did, too? 

Sunday, we laid low for most of the day doing chores inside and outside. Maddox helped with laundry. 

The boys went to AWANA that evening and we got ready for a new week! 


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